Common Workplace Risks in NYC

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If you work, you are at risk for getting injured. While some may face more dangers than others, New Yorkers in all occupations and professions confront a variety of risks on a daily basis.

In many situations, New York’s workers’ compensation system will provide coverage for an injured worker’s medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages. It is not uncommon for employers and insurance companies to make it extremely difficult for employees to collect benefits. When the benefits are received they often fall far short of fully compensating workers for their injury-related losses.

In many cases injured workers will be able to pursue personal injury claims as well. If a person or company other than your employer is to blame for your losses, a personal injury claim can provide full coverage for your pain and suffering, treatment costs and other losses stemming from the accident. The following are seven common workplace risks that will frequently be covered by workers’ compensation and entitle victims to seek full compensation in a personal injury lawsuit:

  1. Slippery and Poorly-Maintained Floors – From hospitals to office buildings, spills, recent cleanings, and lack of proper maintenance can all create slip and trip hazards that can lead to serious workplace injuries.
  2. Dangerous Construction SitesConstruction sites are among the most-dangerous workplaces in New York City. Falling objects, unprotected heights, exposed wiring, old ladders and dangerous scaffolding are just a handful of the countless risks that construction workers confront every single day.
  3. Dangerous Stairs and Railings – Cracked cement, loose boards, worn treads, missing handrails – when it comes to the risks associated with stairs, the list goes on and on. Older buildings and buildings under construction are often particularly dangerous for stair-related falls and injuries.
  4. Faulty Elevators and Escalators – We’ve all encountered elevators and escalators that are “Out of Order.” Unfortunately, most companies only put up these signs after something has already gone wrong.
  5. Vehicle Collisions – If you drive for work in New York City, there is a good chance that you will eventually be involved in an accident. If you have been injured in a vehicle collision, there could be several parties that owe you financial compensation.
  6. Defective Machinery – Defective machinery presents dangerous risks for workers in a wide range of industries. Defective machinery accidents often leave victims with disfiguring and life-changing injuries.
  7. Lack of Safety Protection – On construction and other job sites, state and federal laws require employers to provide appropriate safety protection for their employees. When they fail to do so, they deserve to be held financially accountable.

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