Kapak Raymi Festival 2015

On Saturday December 19, 2015, Sisa Pakari Cultural Center and Christopher Gorayeb & Associates celebrated their 4th Annual Kapak Raymi at the Elmcor Center in Corona Queens. Kapak Raymi is a spiritual celebration for the Indigenous Groups celebrated on the 21st of December, which is the winter solstice, when the sun is furthest away from earth. The Intinan group honor the god of the sun to pray that he does not distance himself too far away to spend the necessary energy for the crops to grow. Therefore in Andean communities Kapak Raymi is known as the “Great Celebration of New Life.”

The doors opened at 7pm with a steady flow of parents and their children arriving, along with dozens of performers of all ages. The 4th Annual Kapak Raymi consists of presentations in dance, music and art from groups representing various countries of South America. Some of highlights where a puppet show entitled, “A Planet like Ours,” which was a big hit with the Wawas (Children).

FLORES DE LA MARAZA were enchanting with their traditional costumes and their beautifully coordinated dance performance. The show stopper of the night, was a young singer by the name of Roger Criollo, who goes by the stage name of Charrito de Oro. At the tender age of 8, Roger took the stage like a veteran performer and sang renditions of Pedro Fernandez’ famous song, La de La Mochila Azul. His command of the stage, both personality and vocals, brought the audience to its feet. When asked how long he has been signing for, his answer was, “Since the age of four years old, but I had to stop at 7 because my grades where not good, but they are better now and my dad is letting perform again.” This young performer is an example of the good work Sisa Pakari & Mr. Gorayeb do in the community.    

Sisa Pakari is an organization that promotes the values and culture of the native South American people. They provide music classes, specializing in Guitar and Piano. Art, dance, computer and English classes are also taught to the entire family. Their goal is to assure the community remains in touch with their roots as well as grow within their current society.

Sisa Pakari, also takes a leadership role in defending the rights of the Immigrant community. Organizer and founder, Fanny Guadalupe, has been working in the Immigrant community providing cultural awareness and also bringing awareness to issues that affect this mostly South American community, for the past 16 years. She has also at times acted as a liaison when labor issues arise and has worked with Christopher Gorayeb & Associates to defend this Immigrant community.

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