Local 79’s Frente Hispano Mission and Vision


Two years ago, when Frente Hispano began working to create an organization to represent Local 79 members of Hispanic origin, they decided they should do so in a formal, structured, organized manner and in accordance with New York State laws. The initiative to strengthen cooperation and organizational efforts among workers, especially within the Hispanic sector ‒ one of the most historically vulnerable in our society, ‒ was the starting point of Local 79’s Frente Hispano Mission and Vision.

While it’s true that they are all assembled under a single construction and general building laborer’s union, Hispanics had never been organized as one and were rarely considered for educational, financial, legal, immigration and political interest programs.

It is this lack of internal policy in the union that led a group of members to take action. They were convinced that, through efficient organization, timely and appropriate education, knowledge of local and federal laws, active and responsible participation in the political process and knowledge of immigration procedures in the U.S., they would be able to become an important part of the community as a whole.

Since it’s inception, we at Christopher Gorayeb & Associates have been Frente Hispano Local 79’s sole sponsorChris Gorayeb’s support has allowed them to reach their goals and objectives of helping the Latino community and its Local 79 members.

About Frente Hispano Local 79:

MISSION: To build workers’ power through organizing. Education is the best way to create change and generate knowledge that will bring about well-being, dignity and social justice to our members and the community in general.

VISION: A respectable, strong organization, able to generate positive change to improve the quality of life of our members and the community.

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