Maria Urgiles, The Perfect Fit

Maria UrgilesDuring her 18 years working at Gorayeb & Associates, María Urgiles has become the public face of the law firm. “I am the link between the Managing Partner, the attorneys and our clients,” she says.

Her day-to-day includes supervising the staff, working with clients as well as the management, and advertising & marketing, among other tasks. Urgiles studied psychology at St. John’s University in the early 1990’s while she worked at Chase Manhattan Bank to pay for college.

However, her interests veered into legal matters after graduation, while working at a bankruptcy court and several law firms as a case administrator. She then joined Gorayeb & Associates, which specializes in construction site accidents.

At Gorayeb & Associates, says the Office Manager, “I felt very comfortable. I could use my bilingual skills with many of our clients who could only speak Spanish. I felt I was really making a difference.”

The office deals exclusively with cases of severe injury, and has won many cases in which undocumented clients have brought cases against the companies that hired them.

Urgiles derived many lessons from her grandmother who raised her while her parents worked. “Both my grandmother and parents taught me the importance of working hard ‒ like my father, who had two jobs, ‒ and of course the importance of studying because education is the doorway for improvement and to moving up.”

Maria, who left her native Ecuador over 40 years ago, also remembers how her father insisted on her “being independent,” which, she says, is rare among Ecuadorean families.

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