Most Common Risks for Construction Workers in NYC


Construction workers in New York City face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the nation. Many of these dangers are the result of their employers’ and other contractors’ noncompliance with federal safety standards. This means two things: (1) many construction site accidents are avoidable (2) when accidents occur, construction companies and contractors are often to blame for workers’ injuries and losses.

OSHA’s 10 Most Common Safety Violations on Construction Sites

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the following are the 10 most common safety violations on construction sites in America:

  1. Lack of Fall Protection – Falls are among the most common construction site accidents, and they account for nearly 40 percent of all construction-related fatalities. To protect against falls, OSHA recommends (among other things): guarding floor holes, guard rails, toe boards, machine guards and safety harnesses and lines.
  2. Lack of Effective Hazard Communication – OSHA’s safety standards require that all employers ensure proper labeling and provide adequate training to their employees when hazardous chemicals are present on construction sites.
  3. Faulty ScaffoldingFaulty scaffolding is to blame in numerous fatal accidents every year. Common issues include planks and supports giving way, slippery surfaces and exposure to falling objects.
  4. Inadequate Respiratory Protection – Employers must provide respiratory protection to workers who are exposed to dusts, smokes, vapors, and other harmful substances on the job. OSHA reports that non-compliance with its respiratory protection standards is to blame for hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses on an annual basis.
  5. Inadequate Hazardous Energy Controls (Lockout/Tagout) – Energy releases due to improper lockout/tagout practices and procedures regularly lead to electrocutions, burns, lacerations, bone fractures and other serious injuries.
  6. Powered Industrial Truck Accidents – Accidents involving forklifts and lift trucks commonly result from unsafe construction sites and lack of operator training. Issues such as improper balancing, carrying too-heavy loads and negligent operation are frequently to blame in powered industrial truck accidents.
  7. Dangerous Ladders and Inadequate Ladder Safety – Ladders are among the most common pieces of equipment on construction sites and ladder safety is critical to avoiding many types of dangerous injuries. Proper ladder safety includes ensuring that ladders are clean and in good repair, and that spotters are available when necessary.
  8. Faulty Electrical Wiring Methods, Components & Equipment – We all know the dangers of electricity, and OSHA requires employers to provide adequate protections against electric shock, electrocution, electrical fires and explosions. Unfortunately, many employers fail to protect their workers from the risks involved in working in close proximity to live wires.
  9. Lack of Adequate Machine Safety Guards – OSHA requires employers to provide safety protections whenever a piece of machinery has the potential to harm its operator or other workers in the vicinity.
  10. Faulty Electrical System Designs – Along with using safe wiring methods and electrical materials, employers must also ensure that the electrical systems on their construction sites are properly designed to avoid the risk of serious and fatal injuries.

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