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Most Dangerous Jobs & Work Locations for Construction Workers

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While working in construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in America, within the construction industry, some jobs and work locations are even more dangerous than others.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified the following as some of the most dangerous jobs and work locations for construction workers in New York City and nationwide. If you have been injured or a family has been killed working in one of these jobs or locations, you could be entitled to significant financial compensation. We urge you to speak with a New York City construction accident attorney to learn about the options regarding your specific case.

Most Dangerous Construction Jobs


OSHA calls demolition, “construction in reverse, with additional hazards.” Burns, crushing injuries, injuries from falling debris and electrocutions are just some of the many risks that demolition workers face on a daily basis. Sadly, many of these risks could be controlled or eliminated if employers simply instituted appropriate safety policies and procedures.

Working at Heights

From homes to high-rises, working at heights presents the single most dangerous risk for construction employees. Falls account for nearly 40 percent of all construction-related deaths, and are responsible for countless more serious injuries every year.

Working with Power Tools and Machinery

According to OSHA, nail gun injuries alone are responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits annually. More than two thirds of individuals who suffer these injuries are construction workers. Along with nail guns, other power tools and machinery leave thousands of construction workers injured and unable to provide for their families every year.

Most Dangerous Work Locations

Communication Towers

Working on communication towers presents a host of potentially life-threatening risks throughout the year, but especially during New York City winters. When you are hundreds or thousands of feet above ground, falls, electrocutions, equipment failures, and structural issues can easily result in fatal injuries.

Confined Spaces

Working in a confined space – such as a sewer, duct or crawl space – can be extremely dangerous as well. Proper ventilation is critical, as is ensuring that you have the necessary equipment, tools, training and support to do your job as safely as possible. These are all things that your employer should provide before putting your health and safety on the line.

Cranes and Derricks

Cranes and derricks are essential to high-rise construction in New York City. Unfortunately, working on these structures brings with it a number of risks. Injuries from falls and other accidents often have permanent – if not fatal – consequences.

On the Ground

Finally, just because you aren’t working at heights does not mean that you are safe from job site injuries. Workers on the ground often suffer serious injuries from falling objects, reversing vehicles and power trucks, dangerous tools and other causes.

What If I Do Something Else?

If you have a different type of construction job, can you still seek compensation for your injuries? Absolutely. Regardless of what you do or where your job requires you to be, if you have been injured at work, it is essential to speak with a New York City construction accident attorney about protecting your legal rights.

Contact Gorayeb & Associates for a Free Consultation

If you got hurt or a loved one was killed while working in construction in New York City, we want to help you win just compensation for your losses. At Gorayeb & Associates, we have decades of experience representing injured construction workers, and we have recovered nearly $1 billion on behalf of our clients. To request a free consultation, use our Live Chat or online contact form, or call our offices at (877) 377-3726 now.

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