Gorayeb Cup 2015 Results

The Final of the Gorayeb Cup 2015 soccer tournament took place on September 20.IMG_0070_resize

After a morning of excitement, suspense and fierce competition in which children played trying to emulate their world soccer idols, the winning teams were crowned:

Categoría Sub-8: Zitlaltepec

Categoría Sub-10: Mercedes FC

Categoría Sub-12: Águilas 


Beyond the beautiful trophies and medals given away, awards given out by Christopher Gorayeb included:

Mini Ipads to the 1st place winners
$200 Target Certificates to the 2nd place winners
$100 Target Certificates
to the 3rd place winnersIMG_0082_resize

The level of talent that competed in this years event guarantees that next year will be even more competitive and challenging for participants to clinch victory!

Once again, Mr. Gorayeb of  Gorayeb & associates demonstrates their continued support to the Hispanic community.

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