Christopher Gorayeb & Associates supports Sisa Pakari

Church Presentation by Children Who Learned Tradition Dance

In addition to our work representing and defending the rights of our clients in court, Christopher Gorayeb & Associates consistently assists in the development and integration of the New York Hispanic community.

Among other projects, Gorayeb & Associates supports Sisa Pakari Cultural and Workers’ Center, an organization founded in 1999 by Professor Fanny Guadalupe, dedicated to educating South American youths and promoting Latin American culture through social events and conferences in the Big Apple.

Events held by Sisa Pakari with the support of Christopher Gorayeb & Associates the “Lawyers for the People.”

The Sisa Pakari Cultural and Workers’ Center offers an array of dance and music workshops, as well as assistance to South American immigrants.

Every year since 2001, the Center has held the Inti Raymi Fiesta del Sol (Festival of the Sun) in Manhattan’s famous Union Square on the day of the summer solstice. It is a meaningful day that reminds Latino immigrants of the ancestral values of South American communities. Christopher Gorayeb & Associates, and other groups hailing mainly from Ecuador, honor this celebration with their participation.

Also with the collaboration of  Christopher Gorayeb & Associates, Sisa Pakari Cultural and Workers’ Center has celebrated the Kapak Raymi Birth festivity since 2012, bringing together people of all ages.

Kapak Raymi – a celebration of flowers, water and life – is held in March, and the Ñusta Festival – held to honor young princesses from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Mexico who have stood out for their cultural and community work – is celebrated in May.

Aside from organizing festivals honoring South America’s ancestral values, the Sisa Pakari Cultural and Workers’ Center also fights for the rights of immigrant workers. The Center stands for fair and discrimination-free immigration reform.

For this purpose, the Center has organized several marches in the Queens area and joined protests held in Washington D.C. and other cities in the U.S.


As proof of his consistent support of the Hispanic community living in New York, attorney Christopher Gorayeb offers financial support to the Sisa Pakari project assisting them in offering free dance, Andean music, English and arts and crafts classes, among others, to more than 800 children.

Additionally, every 15 days, Hispanic workers receive a 10-hour OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training to teach them to protect their safety in construction work environments. All of this, thanks to the support of Christopher Gorayeb & Associates.


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