Miguel, The Face of Justice

Miguel_NEWS&MEDIA_Home_274x152px$12,800,000 was obtained for a Honduran construction worker who fell from a roof at a height of 50 feet. He landed on a sidewalk and suffered serious injuries. He is bound to a wheelchair and his lower limbs are incapacitated.

After the accident, he had to undergo surgery several times, first for his spine, then for his abdominal wall and later for his left humerus.

Our client ended up paraplegic. His pain is so intense that he has been taking methadone every day since the accident to relieve his grief.

Although we at Gorayeb & Associates could not prevent the pain he is going through, we were able to help this worker from Honduras receive considerable compensation for the personal damages the incident has caused him.

His Testimonial:

“I am from Honduras. I came to the U.S. in the hope of finding a good job so that my family could have a better future. Still, the best job I was able to find was in construction. I didn’t have many options because I don’t have an education.

I worked for 5 years and sent what I earned to my family to help my parents take care of my younger siblings. I only kept enough to live in New York.

It was hard work and the hours were long, but it was the best way to survive. That is, until I had the accident.

I was on the roof trying to lift a heavy load. I wasn’t able to and fell with the whole crane, which was five stories up. I don’t remember what happened because I fell unconscious and was badly injured. My spine was fractured, and also an arm and both legs. I was paralyzed from the waist down.

I lived alone. I couldn’t even bathe myself, and I had no money. My family also suffered the consequences of this tragedy. After the accident, I became very depressed and lost all hope. I didn’t know what my options were and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

That was until I found Gorayeb & Associates. They guided me in the case. The building owner was supposed to keep the machine working properly. The people at Gorayeb & Associates fought for my rights. They have won hundreds of construction cases like mine.  Thank you, Gorayeb!”

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